Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Entrepreneur since 2000 and founder and former CEO of HeraVision Corp. in Miami.

  • Founder, CEO and principal shareholder of Ronotic AG;
  • Entrepreneur since 2000 and founder and former CEO of HeraVision Corp. in Miami;
  • Management activities in Germany, USA and UK in the field of consumer electronics;


By developing intelligent control units and merging them with innovative solar and LED technology, Ronotic is revolutionizing outdoor lighting.

For more safety and visibility

Solar lights from Ronotic make it possible to supply light in a climate-neutral and environmentally friendly manner without the need for cumbersome wiring, dark roads, pedestrian / cycle paths, parking lots, campgrounds, company premises, etc.

Economy in harmony with environmental and climate protection

Ronotic quality products are not only considerably cheaper to buy, install and maintain mains-powered traditional luminaires. Through the use of highly efficient solar modules, tons of climate-damaging greenhouse gases and large quantities of radioactive waste are also avoided over the years.


For Ronotic AG, social responsibility, integrity and ethics are essential components of the corporate culture. Every employee is obliged to implement this consistently, to adhere to international ethical standards and to make a positive contribution through his daily actions.


The solar lights developed by Ronotic AG are manufactured under the strictest quality guidelines in Germany. Our products contribute internationally to the good reputation of “Made in Germany”. Even during the development phase and ongoing quality assurance, we work together with internationally renowned German research institutes.

Longevity, even under extreme weather conditions, is our top priority. With regard to monitoring and quality improvement, we are, among others, in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT).