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Solar streetlights

Ronotic'​s mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy with a wide range of innovative solar powered streetlights. Ronotic designs and manufactures solar powered streetlights. The impressive solar lighting & power concentrated in a futuristic shape and all the arrogant and weighs only 14 kg breaking all previous records. With this new all-in-one solar light, we indicate the direction of future lighting solution for roads, parking lots and business areas.


ROL3075 solar light

The solar light ROL3075 is our newest and at the same time strongest solar light. With two RONOTIC® LED modules, made of Bridgelux 45 MIL LED at max. 36 Watt power.

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RONOTIC® Solar Lights


Solar street lighting does not pollute the climate with CO2, whereas 10 standard lanterns consume around 1.8 tonnes more electricity annually. The targeted LED lighting reduces light pollution, which is particularly advantageous for the nocturnal animal world on the one hand and can also be used more effectively on the other.

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The ROL3075 solar light offers strong performance and many adjustment possibilities. 36 watt LED output with max. ≥ 4,300 lm luminous flux makes it suitable for a mounting height of up to 7 m.

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Service life of solar module over 30 years, replacement of LED lighting only necessary after 13 years, battery change after about 9 years.learn more

Environmental simulation is an important core topic for us when it comes to safeguarding product development. We always entrust the field of environmental simulation to the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT.

The long service life of RONOTIC® solar lights meets the economic...

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ROL3075 - solar light


With our new solar light ROL3075 with integrated LED light source and energy storage, we are a significant step closer to our vision of the perfect solar / LED lighting system. The impressive solar & light output bundled in a futuristically presumptuous form and all this with a low weight of only 14.2 kg breaks all previous records. Solar streetlights of the latest generation, from Ronotic.

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product quality

Absolutely weatherproof

Our lighting systems are also particularly suitable for industrial and commercial construction. Our solar lights are also suitable for lighting company plots and car parks of all sizes. Our solar-powered LED luminaires are suitable for every project thanks to an intelligent, ambient light-dependent control of the lighting times in combination with a modern PLC control system, which regulates the luminance as required.

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In October 2017 the board members of RONOTIC AG, Cem Koc and Rainer Hofmann, were invited to the United Nations in New York. Since our robust solar lights are ideally suited for the areas of application of the aid organization, interesting future projects could be worked out at the meetings.

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Our solar streetlights make ecological and economical sense and at the same time you get
high quality LED light! Climate-friendly, environmentally friendly,
cheaper compared to mains-connected LED luminaires and a beautiful design!

We hope you enjoy your journey of discovery
into the future of solar-powered outdoor lighting.

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