The ROL3075 is our newest and most powerful solar streetlight. Highly efficient solar light with 36 Watt LED power and 75 Wp solar panel.

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Introducing our latest addition, the ROL3075 solar light. Engineered with two RONOTIC® LED modules, featuring cutting-edge Bridgelux® 45mil LEDs capable of delivering an impressive maximum output of 36 Watts, this solar light is specifically designed to illuminate streets, footpaths, cycle paths, parking lots, and bus stops.

Equipped with an intelligent and programmable logic controller (PLC), this solar streetlight surpasses industry standards. Its advanced technology ensures optimal performance and adaptability to various lighting requirements. It's worth mentioning that Ronotic solar lights have gained the trust of over 300 cities and municipalities in 14 federal states across Germany.

Experience the future of solar lighting with the ROL3075, the pinnacle of efficiency, durability, and innovation in the field.

Notable features of the ROL3075 solar light include:

Customizable Lighting Settings: This solar light offers the flexibility to modify lighting times, luminous phases, and the corresponding luminous intensity on-site. With the ability to set up to four light phases each night, you can define individual durations and intensities for optimal lighting control.

  1. I. Phase: At dusk, the light initiates the first lighting phase, which can be set for a specific duration (e.g., 1 hour) with a desired power output (e.g., 100% power). Four distinct basic illuminance levels can be configured, serving as the foundation for subsequent lighting phases II, III, and IV.
  2. II. Phase: Adjust the luminous phase to span between 0 to 9 hours, allowing fine-tuning of the light's duration, along with a customizable luminous intensity range from 0% to 90%.
  3. III. Phase: Tailor the light phase to encompass a duration of 0 to 9 hours, offering flexibility in terms of lighting duration and intensity (ranging from 0% to 90%). After this phase, the light automatically turns off for the remainder of the night.
  4. IV. Phase: Illuminate the area 0.5 to 4.5 hours before sunrise until sunrise, ensuring enhanced visibility during the early hours. This phase is adjustable to suit specific needs.

With its comprehensive and adjustable lighting settings, the ROL3075 solar light empowers you to create a tailored lighting solution that suits your precise requirements.

The individual luminous phases can be set in steps of 0 to 9 hours and the respective luminous intensities in 10 % steps of 10 to 90 % from the set basic luminous intensity 1 to 4 - a total of 36 different luminous intensities can therefore be set. The switch-on time before sunrise can be set in steps of 30 minutes (between 30 and 270 minutes).

The 75 Wp strong monocrystalline solar module made of highly efficient solar cells from SunPower® and the 2 x RONOTIC® LED modules with Bridgelux® 45mil LED max. 36 Watt provide impressive performance. With the ROL3075 solar lamp you save electricity costs, cost-intensive excavation and cabling work as well as maintenance work and enjoy high-quality LED lighting.

Advantages of LED lighting:

  1. Pure colour rendering of LED illuminated objects is an advantage especially for outdoor exhibitors such as car dealers;
  2. Depending on the colour temperature, LED light attracts up to 80% fewer insects;
  3. LEDs are vibration resistant and very robust;
  4. At least 60,000 hours LED life (corresponds to approx. > 14 years);

Our solar lights come with cast aluminium mast mounting brackets for 76 mm mast head. The colour of the holder is DB 703 (powder-coated) as standard - other RAL colours are available at extra charge.

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Solar panel Monocrystalline solar module 75 Wp 18 V | highly efficient solar cells | at least 30 years lifetime
Energy storage Integrated energy storage | Microprocessor-controlled cell monitoring | Free of toxic pollutants | Approx. 10 year service life*
LED illuminant 2 x RONOTIC® LED modules with Bridgelux® 45mil LED | max. 36 Watt | min. 100,000 hours lifetime (> 16 years)**
Luminous flux up to ≥ 4,300 lm(luminosity)
Loading time ca. 5 hours
Flash duration fully charged > 80 hours intelligent electronics regulates the luminosity of the individual luminous phases
Light Scattering angle 120°
Color temperature 4,000 K standard | other color temperatures can be selected at no extra charge | available from 3000 K (warm white) to 6500 K (daylight white)
Operating temperature -35 °C bis +75 °C
Installation advice Mounting height ≤ 8 Meter | Mast distance ≤ 50 Meter | Mast cable 76 mm
Mast holder incl. mast top 76 mm
Case material Anodized aluminum (EV1)
Measurements & Weight 1.100 x 450 x 42 mm | 14.2kg
Electrical protection class / DIN Control unit (PLC) complies with IP66/67
Protection class III - Low voltage (ELV)III - Low voltage (ELV)
Guarantee 2 years (optionally 5 years on control electronics)
Certifications CE | RoHS | IP66/67 (SPS) | WEEE-Reg.-No. DE 96990764

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Solar street lighting does not pollute the climate with CO2, whereas 10 standard lanterns consume around 1.8 tonnes more electricity annually. The targeted LED lighting reduces light pollution, which is particularly advantageous for the nocturnal animal world on the one hand and can also be used more effectively on the other.

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The ROL3075 solar light offers strong performance and many adjustment possibilities. 36 watt LED output with max. ≥ 4,300 lm luminous flux makes it suitable for a mounting height of up to 7 m.

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Service life of solar module over 30 years, replacement of LED lighting only necessary after 13 years, battery change after about 9 years.learn more