Shipping & Delivery

All solar lights are shipped in specially made transport boxes and the deliveries themselves are always adequately insured.

Solar light poles are delivered by truck. For this, the delivery address must be truck-accessible. In addition to the delivery address, a phone number is required for the advice.

For delivery costs, please refer to our offer, the respective description and information from our offer.

We always deliver our solar and LED lights with the DHL courier service. Larger orders are brought to the customer with our logistics partner, Schenker Deutschland AG.


Quantum leap in the modernization of street lighting. Solar powered lighting in combination with LED bulbs is the only true, ecological and economical alternative to mains lighting. Request your non-binding offer today

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RONOTIC® Solar Lights


Solar street lighting does not pollute the climate with CO2, whereas 10 standard lanterns consume around 1.8 tonnes more electricity annually. The targeted LED lighting reduces light pollution, which is particularly advantageous for the nocturnal animal world on the one hand and can also be used more effectively on the other.

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The ROL3075 solar light offers strong performance and many adjustment possibilities. 36 watt LED output with max. ≥ 4,300 lm luminous flux makes it suitable for a mounting height of up to 7 m.

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Service life of solar module over 30 years, replacement of LED lighting only necessary after 13 years, battery change after about 9 years.learn more